Delamain - Grande Champagne Vintage 1979 70cl Bottle

£ 559.00

Nose: Figs, ripe cherries, walnuts, almonds. 7$67( : Rich and fruity with lively spicy notes. ),1,6+ Long and lingering, with vanilla Very few cognacs are made from a single vintage. Most, necessarily, include Eaux-de-vie from several vintages and terroirs in order to achieve consistency and balance. Delamain, however, is one of an exclusive number of houses, authorized to produce Vintage cognacs. Every year small lots of these Vintage cognacs are chosen for bottling, one cask after another when we are certain that they have fulfilled their promise of perfection. The Delamain Vintage 1979 is a 40-year-old, single-vineyard cognac from the hamlet of Malaville at the heart of the Grande Champagne region. The 1979 is a wonderfully complex cognac, rich and rounded. The small number of bottles from this vintage, only 238, will not and cannot ever be replaced.