Four Pillars - Sherry Cask Gin 50cl Bottle

£ 42.83

Sip it neat over ice or try it in a Tuxedo, a classic cocktail made with gin, Sherry and orange bitters. The addition of a tiny amount of Spanish Amontillado Sherry has added some length and sweetness to the final gin. The Sherry cask solera is made up of 42 ex-Sherry barrels from a friend of the Four Pillars distillery who happens to make famous Australian fortified wines. Theyre much older than their Chardonnay barrels, varying in age from 15 to 35 years old. These barrels were first filled more than a year ago, and this is the first solera release taken only from the bottom row of barrels. The barrels are never emptied - a small portion from each barrel is taken out, which is then replenished from the row above. Fresh gin is only ever put into the top row of barrels creating a traditional solera system. Slightly deeper in colour, this is a rich, intense and layered barrel-aged gin. A pine needle quality underpins some amazing complexity. The residual Sherry character has integrated beautifully with the deeper cassia and star anise flavours - think dried fruits and nuts.