Frejya - Crema Custard Liqueur 70cl Bottle

£ 23.49

A tantalisingly creamy desert like spirit that caresses and teases the tongue, consummated with a magical explosion of VODKA!! From the team who developed the multi-award winning Thunder Toffee Vodka. As to what to call it, easy, having gone for Thunder, what about lightning? Frejyas is the Goddess of all things feminine but also covers off lightning as well! And a sassy, opinionated, confident one she is too from all accounts, zipping about the place in her chariot drawn by her pet cats... busy girl. he key ingredient continues the Nordic theme. Scream Brands opted for the creamy milk of the famous Holstein Frisian Cow bred by the Vikings mixed with 5 times distilled premium wheat grain vodka. The idea for the liqueur had its genesis, rather appropriately, in a late-night bar in Amsterdam where extensive discussion on flavoured vodkas raised the question, what about a custard flavour? So after months of extensive mixing, blending and sampling we created a delicious creamy custard liqueur which is 18% and is intended for the successful modern-day lady who is strong and independent and wants to Party like a Goddess responsibly.