Mermaid - Salt Vodka 70cl Bottle

£ 35.99

Mermaid Salt Vodka is infused post-distillation with locally sourced rock sea salt. Left to naturally evaporate, the result is depth of flavour and distinct sweetness - enhancing smoothness and accentuating flavour. A delicate vein of salt creates a back note that makes Mermaid Salt Vodka an essential ingredient for any well stocked back bar - an ideal flavour enhancer for adventurous cocktails, or a classic dirty martini. Distinctive and unique, Mermaid Salt Vodka is a favourite with creative mixologists, adding a hint of sea air to their creations. Style: Smooth and subtle with a contemporary style. Nose: Fresh sea air on the nose. Taste: Subtly flavoured with a salt vein savoury note. Finish: Clean and long.